Magnum is India’s
leading brand of hardware products and accessories.

Established in 1975 as the flagship brand of Mukund Overseas, Magnum now dominates the export hardware market. We offer a range of world-class products from extruded brass hinges, stainless steel hinges, lever handles, bronze hardware, digital security systems and fingerprint locks to sliding door systems.

Over the years, Magnum has become synonymous with quality. Our products conform to the most stringent international standards. Innovation is ingrained in every product and amply reflected in our defect-free products and superior finishes.

It is hardly surprising then that Magnum has become the first choice of some of the world’s leading builders and architects. Today our products reach as many as 56 countries and command a strong presence in USA, Europe, and Middle East.

Working to make a difference in the world

You can see who’s most powerful in a society based on who has the tallest buildings. Two hundred years ago it was cathedrals. Fifty years ago it was a government building. Today, in most urban areas, the power rests with business and skyscrapers. Business is the most powerful influence in the world today. Fifty-four of the 100 most powerful entities in the world today are companies, not countries. That means it is that much more important that businesses take a conscious capitalist perspective to make a difference in the world. I’m a big believer in that on a global level. Businesses are finally asking, what is our ecological footprint? I also believe businesses need to look at their emotional fist print on their employees.

Our Values


At, Magnum, we always, take care of each product moving out of our factory. Each lot is thoroughly checked and examined to achieve the highest quality standards.


One of our core values at Magnum is to treat each other like family. When we recruit we look for people who value meaningful relationships. Our company is all about creating better connections. The work environment here is very collegia