Classic Brass Aldrops

Classic Brass Aldrops

  • Complete security
  • Traditional design
  • Anti-tranish and Mega finish for longer life.

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Size Chart


Code            Size Rod dia
in mm
700116 8″(200mm) 5/8″(16mm)
700216 10″(250mm) 5/8″(16mm)
700316 12″(300mm) 5/8″(16mm)
700416 14″(350mm) 5/8″(16mm)
700516 16″(400mm) 5/8″(16mm)
700616 18″(450mm) 5/8″(16mm)
700219 10″(250mm) 3/4″(19mm)
700319 12″(300mm) 3/4″(19mm)
700419 14″(350mm) 3/4″(19mm)
700519 16″(400mm) 3/4″(19mm)
700619 18″(450mm) 3/4″(19mm)