S.S.304 Invisible Hinges

S.S.304 Invisible Hinges.

  • Made up from solid stainless steel AUSU grade 304 material.
  • The installation in deep, with supporting screws on the face plate assures film and more stable installation even for heavy doors.
  • When closed the  invisible hinges cannot be seen on tampered with open.
  • The riveted hinge pin is non-removable.
  • Specially made of heavy doors.
  • Construction of these hinges is very strong.
  • Designed with an anti-friction space age material to give smooth performance.

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Size Chart

Code Width of single leaf
9619 19.05mm 95.25mm 27.38mm
9625 25.40mm 117.48mm 36.51mm
9635 35.00mm 139.70mm 49.21mm