‘Square’ Type Pull Handle

‘Square’ Type Pull Handle.

  • Material : S.S.304

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Size Chart

Code Size
PH2208OS 22mm ∅ x 200mm
PH2210OS 22mm ∅ x 250mm
PH2212OS 22mm ∅ x 300mm
PH2508OS 25mm ∅ x 200mm
PH2510OS 25mm ∅ x 250mm
PH2512OS 25mm ∅ x 300mm
PH2514OS 25mm ∅ x 350mm
PH2516OS 25mm ∅ x 400mm
PH2518OS 25mm ∅ x 450mm
PH3218OS 32mm ∅ x 450mm
PH3224OS 32mm ∅ x 600mm
PH3230OS 32mm ∅ x 750mm