Cantilever Gates

Cantilever Gate.

• There is no track on the ground.

• Total weight of the gate 80 kg to 1100 kg.

•The tubular track is either welded or screwed to the gate.

•The gate slides on two carriages, which are fixed on a concrete block located on the push back side.

•According to the opening position of the gate, the carriages are in contact with either  the upper or the lower part of the track to ensure a perfect balance.

•The wheels are in constant contact with the top and the bottom of the track limiting the clearance to a minimum (PAF series)

•No risk of ground deformation due to the weather changes.

• The gate can be installed on a non-stabilized ground (grass,gravel,mound ….)

• The ground can be not perfectly horizontal.

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Size Chart 


Length shaft center distance B+1 m (50cm on each site)
Width 50 cm
Depth 80 cm